Petice za udržení spotu betonových kaskád u metra Vltavská



Im signing because i dont want the Czech community to lose their favourite spot

Giordano Pigiani (Rome, 2021-06-07)


Dulrzite místo, pro český parkour

Matěj Devera (Praha, 2021-06-07)


Parkour is among to top best ways to express and push myself physically. Great spots to practice are hard to come by. To lose a great spot is a great loss in growing in our passion.

Treydon Armstrong (Salt Lake city, 2021-06-07)


Parkour is a good sport and this spot is a place to gather the community.

Please don't destroy and keep this greats place for the local practitioners

Klauss Vidrich (Campinas, 2021-06-07)


This is a place of international street culture and must be protected at all costs

Janik Schwarzer (Kassel, 2021-06-07)


I support the Czech Parkour community

Matt Hadley (Colorado Springs , 2021-06-07)


I'm a traceur

Symeon De almeida (Gieres, 2021-06-07)


Je to Mekka českého parkouru

Martin Kovář (Ústí nad Labem , 2021-06-07)


There has been a lot of cool PK spots destroyed in the latest years, would be a shame if it happens to this one as well.

Barush Sánchez (Mexico City, 2021-06-07)


I´m singing because I grew up here, this place is really beutiful I love it!

Firuza Nesar (Praha, 2021-06-07)


Legendární místo a já tam ještě nebyl...

Honza Schovajsa (Jindřichov, 2021-06-07)


I want to visit this spot someday

John Reyes (México, 2021-06-07)


I havent visitied the spot yet but planning to do so in the future

Marvin Müller (Wellington, 2021-06-07)


Thats a lovely spot, who have so much memories in the Pk history and childhood

David Hartmann (Reutlingen , 2021-06-07)


From parkour Montpellier in France

Germain Faity (Montpellier, 2021-06-07)


Parkour forever

Patrik Janeček (Jihlava , 2021-06-07)


I am also a parkour player and I realize the huge importance of such places for training and I do know how much it is difficult to find places like these

Amal Taha (Bethlehem , 2021-06-07)


Je to důležité místo pro milovníky parkouru, s celé české republiky a i zahraničí!!!

Vít Metlický (Praha, 2021-06-07)


Je to největší ikona města Prahy co se tice celosvětové komunitě mladého nadějného sportu parkouru. Uchování tohoto místa zajistí kus parkourove historii :)

Kevin Jagr (Praha, 2021-06-07)


It is important to save places like this one!

Timon Mazur (Münster , 2021-06-07)


to safe a cultural and important spot

Ihab Yassin (Frankfurt , 2021-06-07)


Toby said we should

Cole Delaino (Cartersville, 2021-06-07)


stop destructing ... help creating, listening to the young ones among us

Loïc Saint-Paul (Lys, 2021-06-07)


Podepisuji, protože nesouhlasím se zbouráním spotu Vltavská
Parkour dělám už 6tým rokem a na Vltavské jsem začínal, i teď stále i když bydlím v Jeseníku, stále dojíždím do Prahy jen kvůli tomuto spotu.

Vojtěch Maliňák (Jeseník, 2021-06-07)


I love this spot and its monumental for parkourists

Michal Svoboda (Praha, 2021-06-07)


I love parkour and this spot is amazing! P

Max Franke (Bad Schwalbach , 2021-06-07)


Nejlepší spot nesmí to zbourat

Lukáš Matěj (Ostrava , 2021-06-07)


Its culture and its important

Julian Adelsten (Eid , 2021-06-07)


Best spot

Noé Lüthi (La Chaux-de-Fonds, 2021-06-07)


This freerun place need to exist🥺

Steven Koops (Ede, 2021-06-07)


Because I wanna help to save the place that people there are loving and dont want to loose it.

Jakub Sorger (Košice, 2021-06-07)



Omar Ghamrawi (Istanbul, 2021-06-07)


It's culturally significant

David Morgan (Prague, 2021-06-07)


Je to kulturní památka, pro tento sport stejně vážená, jako Karlův most.

Prokop Tomeček (Mutěnice , 2021-06-07)


This place is important for the parkour community! It is a famous spot, on which every athlete would like to practice. For us this is like, the destroying the soccer stadium of a town (for a soccer player). So you might understand the dimension of this.

Gruber Michael (Regensburg, 2021-06-07)


It’s nice place for hang out with friends and it looks so much better than with buildings. I would hate that place if it changes. I am always happy to go there with my friends or family..

Linda Marková (Praha, 2021-06-07)


Nechceme o zdemolovaní vltavský. Proto podavám hlas pro (Ne)zničení.

Josef Novotný (Loket, 2021-06-07)


It is one of the best parkour spots in the world and lots of parkour toerist Come to prague

Dylan Van de rijt (Valkenswaard, 2021-06-07)


This spot is legendary in Prague and Me and my friends love to visit it every time we show up !

Richard Polter (Schwandorf, 2021-06-07)


Im parkourist i wanna jumb

Petr Pefeci (Kromeriz, 2021-06-07)



Marek Loněk (Hořovice, 2021-06-07)


Because i believe the parkour community can enjoy that place more than everybody else, and theres always other place to build

Francisco Filipe (Faro, 2021-06-07)



Adam White (Prague, 2021-06-07)


I love the pk comunity

Bertil Jacoby (Cophenhagen, 2021-06-07)


pk4life xxx

Markus Dell (Guildford , 2021-06-07)


Protože bych se někdy na Vltavskou chtěl podívat :/

Tomáš Žluč (Jindřichův Hradec, 2021-06-07)


I love parkour and don’t want to see another amazing spot get destroyed

Sylas Storer (Corvallis, 2021-06-07)


This is an iconic parkour spot that should be preserved for the benefit of the community and the health of the people training

Caden Evans (Cardiff , 2021-06-07)



Georg Gogishvili (Graz, 2021-06-07)


This is a very notorious spot for the community and it means a lot to those who have been there often as well as to those who have never visited it before.

Rayhan Nettekoven (Hoofddorp, 2021-06-07)


I love this place and i plan in going there many times in my life.

Louis Tartare (Frankfurt, 2021-06-07)


Podepisuji, protože je pro naši komunitu toto místo důležité a spojuje nás dohromady už po mnoho let.

Vít Fišer (Roztoky, 2021-06-07)


Im in support of the parkour community. I don’t think beautiful places like these don’t deserved to be destroyed just because they’re appreciated in a different way.

Raven McCarthy (Dallas, 2021-06-07)


I wanna go to Prague, mostly for training Parkour and its my dream to training there

Arkadiusz Gadzinski (Gdynia, 2021-06-07)


I am a parkour and freerun lover. This place deserves to stay untouched, it is a diamond for us athletes.

Panagiotis Athanasiou (KOMOTINI, 2021-06-07)



Jérémie Robin (Vanves, 2021-06-07)


Jsem pro zachování parkourového spotu v Praze

Tomáš Berka (Tábor , 2021-06-07)


I wanna train there

Joey Sutera (Alexandria, 2021-06-07)


Praha 7 je můj domov, nemám rada změny, které tuto čtvrť mění k nepoznání..

Nikola Livoncová (Praha , 2021-06-07)


Je to legendary spot na kterém jsem ještě neměl šanci potrénovat!

Šimon Buchta (Řeka, 2021-06-07)



Lucie Zrůbková (Sedlčany, 2021-06-07)


Because didn't have the chance to go to Vltavská yet

Lukáš Krippner (Teplice, 2021-06-07)


This place is amazing and holds great value to a lot of people – both the commoners and parkour trainees.
It’s a beautiful place to hang out at, train ourselves while doing parkour or just simply to stop by and enjoy the atmosphere of this place.
Many would be very upset to go there one day and stumble upon random buildings and people living in them.
We all have great memories of this place and it would be truly sad to have that place completely demolished and then reconstructed into a new shape. A part of those great memories and times would die alone with it.

Angelina Rabsatt (Praha, 2021-06-07)


I want to save this legendary spot.
Want to Visit it some day.

Jannes Fischer (Kamp-lintfort, 2021-06-07)


Na Vltavské jsem ještě nebyl a chtěl bych se tam někdy podívat. Navíc je to ikonický Pražský spot, takže o něj nikdo nechce přijít.

Eduard Kratochvíl (Hodonín, 2021-06-07)


It’s a very iconic place for the parkour community, we’d all be extremely sad if it were to be destroyed, especially for the ones that never visited it

Pedro Ferreira (Cascais, 2021-06-07)


I'm signing because it matters to me

Ezra D'cunha (Bangalore, 2021-06-07)


It’s a super historic parkour spot

Landon Carraher (Milford , 2021-06-07)


A lot of people love this place, and as a parkour athlete myself I feel the pain of these people who are in danger of losing a beloved place like this, I've also lost some spots and I want to save as many as I can including this.

Peter Kouris (Athens, 2021-06-07)


It is a legendary spot

גיא דוידוב (נשר, 2021-06-07)


Jestli ten park zničíte tak vas zadupu jak slon větvičku a odplivnu si na vás vy blázni

Simon Strnad (Praha, 2021-06-07)


I want to see that place as it is

Giorgio Bartolucci (Rome, 2021-06-07)



Brandon Van Schijndel (Nijmegen, 2021-06-07)


I love parcour

David Birau (Mannheim, 2021-06-07)


I'm also a Parkour practitioner and great spots give the parkourcommunity to meet and share a good time. I think especially in Coronatimes having the possibility to meet up outside is really important to guarantee a good healthy life for people

Vassilij Sosunov (Mainz, 2021-06-07)

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