Petice za udržení spotu betonových kaskád u metra Vltavská



Og spot

Jan Kustka (Prague, 2021-06-07)


Потому что у коллег будет больше мест для тренировок по паркуру.

Николай Коля (Санкт-Петербург , 2021-06-07)


I'm signing this because this place has a huge value in the europian parkour community and it would be a shame if it's gone.

Áron Máté (Budapest, 2021-06-07)


we need to keep that spot it so good fore parkour

Ben Jones (Worthing , 2021-06-07)


Pretože to je legendarny spot na parkout ktory sa nemože zbúrať

Filip Titka (Kosice, 2021-06-07)


I love parkour

Milo Poo (Portsmouth, 2021-06-07)


This a vwry important spot to the community and gives them a place of freedom and expression

Noam shulman (efrat, 2021-06-07)


I received a link with the petition and the spot is amazing

Miguel Ángel Martínez Ruiz (Alfafar, Valencia, 2021-06-07)


This spot is internationally renowned in the parkour community and brings countless people to Prague just for this spot. I personally am hoping to visit here in a few months.

Alexander Melusky (Pottsville, 2021-06-07)


I dont want to see this amazing spott with endless opportunities to parkour athletes evolve being destroyed.
And this spott locks kinda fun honestly

Ricardo Reis (Braga, 2021-06-07)


Parkour is sustainable use of already existing architecture and infrastructure

Lennart Jakob (Göttingen, 2021-06-07)


parkour is the best

raf ruiter (brussel, 2021-06-07)


Je to naše parkourove místo kam každý jde vždy rád tak nám ho nechte

Dominik Radev (Praha, 2021-06-07)


I signing why, i want not destroyer vltavská

Mauricio Rene (Collipulli, 2021-06-07)


Je to mega nice spot

Filip Tabačan (Liberec, 2021-06-07)


That is a best spot for freerunners in whole Czech Republic. Is known for people all around the world. They should not destroy it, but build more stuff for freeruners there. They destroyed to many spots for us, this one is ours no matter what. Motivate young people to do some sport.

Marek Pobežal (Dornbirn, 2021-06-07)


Je to picovina bourat to vyserte se na to

Ondřej Galovič (Havlíčkův brod, 2021-06-07)


i love parkour and i practice this discipline and this place is a very good spot and is a pice of culture

Nicodim Floarea (Bucharest , 2021-06-07)


I'm signing because a mythic spot should be conseved

Maxime Neveu (Rennes, 2021-06-07)


I understand this will not stop the building, however i hope the builders can develop a relationship with the parkour athletes and consider utilising the opportunity to create interesting architecture that will retain its parkour attraction. Not only can this be an opportunity for impressive architecture but it could be a great way of building something for the youth.

Kieren Owen (Mimton Keynes, 2021-06-07)


I allways wanted to Go to the spot .... Would like to Go after covid setteld down.

Gonçalo Borralho (Lisboa, 2021-06-07)


I love parkour

Ivan Schwegler (Luzern , 2021-06-07)



Marcin Chowaniak (Ornontowice, 2021-06-07)


Signing this petition is a no-brainer for me because i love parkour and so do probably hundreds of people training at that spot every year and it would be a shame to hav that taken away from them

Simon Wöginger (Öhling, 2021-06-07)


Věnuju se parkouru od roku 2008, nechci přijít o tento skvělý spot v Praze!

Taras Povoroznyk (Ricany , 2021-06-07)


The spot is important to the locals as it holds many precious memories. It should be kept to preserve the locals culture

Bernard Ang (Singapore, 2021-06-07)



Ethan Rud (Chanhassen, 2021-06-07)


Quiero que se conserve el lugar, algún día podre visitar ese importante spot y entrenar como lo han hecho muchísimos de mis modelos a seguir!

Jherickson Andrés Rodríguez Pachón (Gachancipa , 2021-06-07)


I'm signing because I praticate Parkour and I think that a lot in this sport comes by exchanging and discovering new cities. This spot, being iconic and having a big community around it, being destroyed would be a huge loss

Altaïr Buclet (Grenoble, 2021-06-07)


Going to prague this summer, partly for this spot!!

Wander de Vries (Deventer, 2021-06-07)


Doing parkour is great…
But doing parkour on a nice spot is much better.

Arthur G-B (Québec, 2021-06-07)


I Love this place

Jonas Nußbaum (Munich, 2021-06-07)


Toto místo by mělo zůstat zachované pro nás a generace, které zde teprve jednou prožijí skvělé chvíle a přáteli.

Kristýna Schmidtová (Plzeň, 2021-06-07)


I do parkour and it really breaks my heart seeing how an amazing spot could be destroyed

Jakob Gerstgrasser (Meran, 2021-06-07)


Because that’s the most iconic PK spot in Czech.

Tomáš Bogdanoski (Bakov nad Jizerou , 2021-06-07)


Tuto petici podepisují proto,protože tento krásný a hodně známý spot je škoda zbourat.

Ondřej Zdráhala (Kelč, 2021-06-07)


This is a great spot I want. Everyone in the future to tlhave to opportunity to train there

Peter Urban (Klagenfurt , 2021-06-07)


Regular people don’t recognise the value of some particular area’s. It’s sounds ridiculous to say that a combination of walls and grass behold sentimental value to an entire community. But it’s true, this spot is Iconic for a lot of people and some very fond memories were created there. It would be a shame to take it down for some apartments or buildings. I know it’s really hard for non freerunners to see this, but try to see it from our perspective, and look at is as some sort of historical heritage.

Friso Kokkeler (Zeewolde, 2021-06-07)


Mega picovina

Charlos Macháček (Pražák jak zmrd, 2021-06-07)



Tomáš Dvořák (Vlašim , 2021-06-07)


I am a traceur

Mischa Werchowski (Kiel, 2021-06-07)


This is a beautiful place with a rich history in the world of movement arts

Josh Carl (Denver, 2021-06-07)


Because i love this place

Rebeka Cervenkova (Pardubice, 2021-06-07)


I’m signing because I need to train in this spot please don’t destroy

Jean-Christophe Froment (Aubervilliers, 2021-06-07)


I love this spot ..
You Are don't destroid this spot

Adam Procházka (Praha, 2021-06-07)


Just helping out some fellow parkour lovers by signing it.

Flipping Lucky (Dronten, 2021-06-07)


This place means a lot to not only people from Prague but also people all around the world, it’s an iconic place for the parkour community and deserves to be kept!

Lester Castro Nilsson (Stockholm , 2021-06-07)


This location is an important part of Czech parkour culture and is a recognized travel destination worldwide and is also on my personal bucket list. Please at least maintain possibilities for parkour practitioners to meet up, train parkour and keep up the local culture that is so important.

Miklas Kuoppala (Helsinki, 2021-06-07)


As a sport person and a sport fan... I know the value of every bit of it .

Rishu Raj (Jamalpur, 2021-06-07)


I love parkour and this iconic spot

Andrew Vorlicek (Pilsen, 2021-06-07)


This spot looks amazing for parkour and I would hate to see it go, it would hurt many people like myself who see such spots so great for parkour

Bradley Thompson (Dumfries, 2021-06-07)


I’m q Tracer and i hope be able to training on this spot one day

Guido Labouret (Rio de Janeiro, 2021-06-07)


I support the discipline, this art unfortunately does not have many places for productive training so it is important to preserve places such as this.

Oriana Villechenoux (Villenave d'ornon , 2021-06-07)


Because it's important for the parkour community in Czech Republic to keep their spot

Mattias Devroye (Liège , 2021-06-07)


I'm signing because I'm a amateur athlete and I know how hard it is to find good spots and how it is when you find a truly great one. I also know how it feels to be mocked because of my training and how it's played down as being childish.

Lewis Crabb (Risca, 2021-06-07)


To save the spot for future parkour generation

Muhammed Yaseen (Ernakulam, 2021-06-07)



Max Heindl (Praha, 2021-06-07)


Parkour is a brilliant tool for keeping young people active and getting exercise, and Vltavska is a very valuable spot for people to be able to train and enjoy the sport together

Arun Maudgil (London, 2021-06-07)


I’m signing because i am too traceur and i don’t wanna destroy Vltavská, its our favourite spot in prague! We build there much love for that spot and if that spot will be destroyed its like u destroying our community. I hope that vltavska is going to be ok and no destroyed. Thank you

Roberto Meloni (Teplice, 2021-06-07)


Its great spot for parkour

Wiktor Organista (Szczecin, 2021-06-07)


I'm signing because as a freerunner, I support my community and want to preserve the spots that serve us as training places and then make the discipline flourish.

Edgar Bacquet (Annecy, 2021-06-07)


I love parkour

Yago Fernandez (London, 2021-06-07)


Parkour is an important culture and it wants to be heard too

Tom Bechtloff (Rheinland-Pfalz - Mainz, 2021-06-07)


This is a national landmark of parkour heritage and the destruction of such a place would be disrespectful to a massive community of respectful athletes who wish to train here as many have before them so inspiring all to improve oneself.

Thomas Healy (Barnstable , 2021-06-07)


It's a beaitiful place to challange human freedom, train parkour and freerunning.

Natan Fridman Rojas (Mexico City, 2021-06-07)


I don’t want it to be destroyed

Gustav Bjørnholt (Borup, 2021-06-07)


This is important

Zen Zeigler (Auckland, 2021-06-07)

Placená propagace

Tuto petici nabídneme 3000 lidí.

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