Petice za udržení spotu betonových kaskád u metra Vltavská



Because this spot is the most iconic in Prague and it shouldn't be ended like this.

Moustafa Affara (Saida, 2021-06-07)


I like this spot

David Oliva (Brandýs nad Labem, 2021-06-07)


The site that is in danger of being torn down is a valuable asset to the city and its citizens. As it promotes tourism due to its fame.

Kirianna McNerney (Colorado Springs, 2021-06-07)


Nevidím důvod proč to zbourat

Jindřich Šmahel (Vortová , 2021-06-07)


The area is not just a place with nice architecure but also a cultural place. It mat not be the bigger culture but the People who lives it can't live a life Without it. So what culture am I talking about? Parkour and freerunning. The whole aspekt of the sport is to move and enjoy november and mental challenges. The area is a famous "spot"(slang for a Good spot to train) because there are Nice distances between ledges and Good drops. The spot basically have Good challenges. So if you would destroy this spot then you would also destroy something big in your culture and it would also mean that less people are less likely to start training parkour. Because one day they might walk past some people who are training there and ask where you can start learning. This Good be the difference between finding something you love and become Good at or just going with the society and never finding a hobby you love

Seth Blom (Lund, 2021-06-07)


I love parkour and don't want good spots getting destroyed - they are few enough as they are.

Theo Sargeant (Goudhurst , 2021-06-07)


Legendary spot!

Markus Walberer (Frankfurt am Main, 2021-06-07)


im signing because of how much it worths to skateboarding and parkour community

Svatopluk Melichárek (Praha, 2021-06-07)


This location not only looks interesting but is iconic on the internet and although I have never been I hope go there one day!!

Finn Evans (Colorado Springs, 2021-06-07)


I support

Angel Noche (Homestead, 2021-06-07)


Podepisuji protože s tím nesouhlasím.

Marek Doležil (Frýdek-Místek , 2021-06-07)


C’est des gros fils de pute la vie

Idriss Abdallah (Marseille, 2021-06-07)


Je to nejnavštěvovanější spot parkouristů z celého světa, za mě úžasné místo pro trénování.

Jakub Vrána (Hlinsko, 2021-06-07)


This can't be destroyed beacause I need to go there first to trai.

Daan Michiels (Lomml, 2021-06-07)


I want to save this parkour spot

Austin Beasty (Prague , 2021-06-07)


Zachranujem kultúru

Matus Dzuro (Kosice, 2021-06-07)


I'm signing because this is such a good spot to train and work at......I think getting rid of parkour spots is a waist of money and resources......let the people do its work on it and if you wanna renovate it to make it look better, ok.....but don't tear it down.

Jordan Hudson (Garland, 2021-06-07)


It’s more then a bunch of concrete for these people who train here everyday! It’s an escape from reality and peaceful for the soul

Bailey Payne (Los Angeles , 2021-06-07)


I am signing this petition because i love this clasicparkour spot and i do not want it to disappear.

Libor Šimek (Řetová, 2021-06-07)


Spots need to be saved

Harry sprinkle (Alexandria, 2021-06-07)


It‘s a beutiful Spot and Spot to Meet Sith Friends to do sport

Ben Löer (Frankfurt , 2021-06-07)


Protože je to moje oblíbené místo na trénování

Tomáš Dostál (Plzeň, 2021-06-07)


I want to protect the spot

Thanos Romporas (Patras, 2021-06-07)


I need jumps

Toens Lamers (Oranjewoud , 2021-06-07)


I love parkour and it would hurt me seeing another spot being demolished.

Noah Schumann (Halle (Saale), 2021-06-07)


I love parkour

Justin Mwangama (Schaffhausen, 2021-06-07)


I dont want freerunners to have one great spot destroyed. Maybe as jimmythegiant said there could be some buildings which still make for a great spot.

Hris Minov (Varna, 2021-06-07)



Josef Borek (Brno, 2021-06-07)


I am a passionate free runner who would love to visit this spot one day!

Jaydom Cerisme (Margate , 2021-06-07)


I stumbled across this spot by complete accident 6 years ago while traveling and exploring Prauge.
I found gold! Had no idea it existed.. imagine my amazement..

I've only trained here that once, but I have aaaaaaalways wanted to go back!

Rob Chamberlain (Swindon , 2021-06-07)


I love parkour and I feel that I must defend historical parkour spots.

Hector Íñigo (Donostia - San Sebastián, 2021-06-07)


I think this place is of great value culturally and for the communities that thrive there

Bastian Hansen (Copenhagen, 2021-06-07)


I'm signing because this place has it's own soul and it would really be a shame to demolish it...

Lukáš Berčík (Žacléř, 2021-06-07)


This place is way to important for the history of parkour and have a really deep impact to a lot of people! It would be a shame to destroy such a beautiful spot!!

Tobi Schmidt (Berlin, 2021-06-07)


I want to support the Czech parkour community.

Andy Lam (Singapore, 2021-06-07)


Miluju tuten spot.

Tomáš Nový (Plzeň, 2021-06-07)


Cuz its og place u cannot build there fucking buildings

Diana Rusyn (Praha, 2021-06-07)


I do parkour and would one day like to visit and train at this spot!

Josh Westover (Surrey, 2021-06-07)


I’m signing because this spot is amazing and parkour is awesome and it would be terrible to lose it even thought I haven’t been there I know that it would suck for other parkourist like me to lose a good spot.

Leo Trecanao (Fayetteville , 2021-06-07)


This place is extremely important to many people

Noah Heath (Savage, 2021-06-07)


Please dont destroy Parkour's most iconic spot! The community all over the world loves this place!

Jan Lange (Essen, 2021-06-07)


This spot is treasured by so many people all over the world and it is a dream of mine to visit someday.

Egon Dugas (Houston, 2021-06-07)


Don’t destroy this beautiful piece of art, these walls have been used countless times for (parkour/free running) would be a shame for this monumental spot to be destroyed 😔

Rory Langstone (Guildford , 2021-06-07)


Podepisují protože je důležité zanechat ikonický spot

Jan Pitra (Krajková , 2021-06-07)


I don't want parkour culture to ruin...I understand the scarcity of parkour spots because in my country parkour spots are a miracle..

Anoop Achuthan (Kochi, 2021-06-07)


My favorite spot in prague it’s very iconic

Nate Glauber (Seattle, 2021-06-07)


Its the Most known and best Parkour Spot in Prague Many traceuers from the whole world comes to Train there

Let it be the best Spot

Wolfgang Grabinger (Schwandorf , 2021-06-07)


I practice parkour and I hate when spots are demolish

Cuenca Cuenca (Madrid, 2021-06-07)


the parkour culture van only develop if we connect the early years of our sport witz the future. People connect vibes and stories with that place, because it gives them a place to form society and van develop themselves. Parkour people do care about clean the spot up and beeing careful to not destroy anything. So this place is something special. Not only because it‘s architecture gives us a ton of opportunities, but also because it’s a part of our story. cheers

Nils Helmrath (Mainz, 2021-06-07)


i'm signing because parkour is a way of life, is a philosophy, and it is in these spots (our temples) where we have our moments of self improvement, of happiness. We need to protect our homes!

Domingos Neto (Barcarena, 2021-06-07)


I’m signing because this place is an emblematic parkour spot, known everywhere in the world and a pillar of parkour culture

Alfred Lamy (Lyon, 2021-06-07)



dominik šprysl (liberec, 2021-06-07)


I couldn't imagine if this happened in my city.

Diana Hogue (Pamplona, 2021-06-07)


I wanna see Mükes doin fuckin vyvrtky there. Thanks.

Lucie Vormová (Prague, 2021-06-07)


I sign this because this is an iconic spot.

Alessio Gioco (Colonge, 2021-06-07)


I’ve always wanted to visit this place! I know that one day I’ll travel to the Czech and this is the first place that I want to go. Plus, I know how devastating it is to see a place like this get destroyed and I don’t want the Czech community to lose such a valuable place.

Casey Wilson (Boulder , 2021-06-08)


This spot means more to me and others, than you can imagine.

Lucas Perico Phelan (Portimão , 2021-06-08)


To protect the culture

Owen Tilly (St. Catharines , 2021-06-08)


Support the art of movement

Cristopher Forero (Bogotá, 2021-06-08)


It’s an amazing place it cannot be taken away from the Czech parkour community!

Devon McIntosh (London, 2021-06-08)


Because is reallly massive and legend spot on the world

Dominik Julény (Topoľčany, 2021-06-08)


Free running is freedom for a lot of people. Locations that ignite passion like this one should be preserved and protected.

Amanda Guest (Philadelphia , 2021-06-08)


Is a legendary spot in the cult of parkour community

Rodrigo Varas Rosas (Chile, 2021-06-08)


the spot is important to the pk community !

Zack Karro (Boston, 2021-06-08)


Parkour is a sweet and beautiful thing and people grew and learned on these structures and should continue being able to do so

Max Calderon (Atlanta, 2021-06-08)


I am a proud member of the parkour community and would never want to see such a beautiful spot be destroyed.

Liam Kim (Honolulu, 2021-06-08)


Save this spot

Joe Thomson (London, 2021-06-08)


Parkour rules

Jose Sosa (Santo domingo, 2021-06-08)


Pertenezco a la comunidad de parkour y algún día me gustaría entrenar ahí.

Alexis Cáceres (Buenos aires, 2021-06-08)


I support parkour and this spot is amazing

Scott Phillips (Christchurch, 2021-06-08)


im signing because ive been saving up to go to the spot for a year now and am almost able to go. i would love to bring my kids when im older.

KJ Strayer (Salem, 2021-06-08)


This spot is very important to many of my peers in our community.

Shane Abbott (San Diego, 2021-06-08)


No lo haga compa :c

Paul Lira (TLAXCALA, 2021-06-08)


I love Vltavská! It's legendary place!

Matěj Okruhlica (Chropyně, 2021-06-08)



Ezekiel Mulkey (Ridgecrest, 2021-06-08)


Stejně jako ostatní podporují parkour a byla by obrovská škoda tohle zničit ...

Jindřich Blaťák (Olomouc, 2021-06-08)


My dream is to visit this place oneday

Joseph Lalengkima (Aizawl, 2021-06-08)


Parcour Spots are very importent to the whole Comunity!

Eric Föller (Nordhausen, 2021-06-08)



Eytan Junusov (Vilnius, 2021-06-08)


This is an iconic parkour training spot where even german atheletes go to just to train.

Tobias Haas (Hainburg, 2021-06-08)


Sports and movement is more important than ever, we don’t need more buildings or houses- we need movement places and spaces for sports and individual lifestyle in cities!

Anne Pesth (Leipzig, 2021-06-08)


This place is important for the parkour community

Yotam Yosef Avital (Beersheba, 2021-06-08)



Robert Mak (Martin, 2021-06-08)


I want to travel from Mexico and make tour to famous spots, and this is one a really would like to visit. Plus it's a pretty place and to get demolished and make buildings is not good, please don't do it, please

Francisco Casas de Leon (Saltillo, 2021-06-08)


I’d like to visit this beautiful place one day for fist time!!

Isaac Vallarta (Jiquilpan, 2021-06-08)

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